Meet "Grown & Fit" founder, Deniece Griffin

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Deniece believes in defining her own narrative about her life. A former high school athlete (track and basketball) along with cheerleading. She was active in the arts where she also won awards. Now, a certified fitness instructor/coach for over 20 years, a fitness advocate, art collector, wife and mother living in Atlanta, GA.  She is truly passionate about fitness and has taught group exercise classes for 20+ years. While maintaining a weekly class at the YMCA, she founded Grown & Fit, an online fitness community on Facebook. The private online community is only 7 months old as it’s membership continues to grow. In addition, she has facilitated at fitness expos/conferences, presented on panels,  featured in publications and participated in a variety of fitness programs in her career. She is honored to be a member of Beauteaful Convos' Queendom inaugural class in 2018.

"I want to commit my life to empowering women to lead active, productive, healthy and happy lives at any age."  

Love yourself - Deniece's fitness methods help to improve your strength, endurance and vitality, while enhancing your inner and outer beauty.

Certified Fitness Professional & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Online Fitness Community Builder with 20+ years experience.
IG: @DenieceGriffin
FB: Grown&Fit